11th Foxconn Employee Commits Suicide

According to Engadget, which cites several Chinese sources,  another Foxconn employee has committed suicide today. Details are still sketchy, including the identity of the newest employee to die, except that he was male and he died at the Longhua factory.

Foxconn Technology Group has faced increased scrutiny after a string of suicides drew attention to the working conditions. The Chinese factory is known for producing many consumer electronics devices for western companies.  So far this year, there have been 10 confirmed suicides, many of which were people under 20.  Two other employees have attempted to kill themselves this year, but both survived.

The factory made headlines last year when a missing prototype iPhone lead to a worker’s suicide, following reports of beatings by Foxconn security personnel.

HP, Dell, and Apple, all of whom have products being manufactured at Foxconn, have all announced that they will investigate the working conditions, according to Wired.

The latest suicide follows the news that employees at Foxconn had recently been asked to sign a letter confirming that the company would not pay any more than the legal minimum wage for “injuries sustained outside of the workplace.” After the letter was made public, the Chairman of Hon Hai, which owns Foxconn, said that the letter was being taken back because the language was inappropriate.

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