27-inch iMacs Still Problematic, Still Delayed

iMac-yellowingYou’re probably sick of hearing about Apple’s fiscal triumphs and cool new gadgets—so are we—but, lucky for you, this article doesn’t cover any of that. Apple has yet to publically acknowledge the issue prevailing with its 27-inch iMacs and their cracked or flickering, yellowish screens. The main issues seem to be concerning the iMac screens, which actually may have a fix to them.

Sneaky Apple subtly released a firmware update a few weeks ago to help iMac users with those flickering screens. And the company is also allowing refunds and repairs through their customer service for those 27-inch screens that showed up cracked.

Now, as for that yellowing problem, you may want to look to Gizmodo who snagged an internal Apple tech support memo that may come in handy. This memo basically points out that Apple knows about the yellowing problem but is either trying to ignore it or trying to convince you it’s just the LCD discoloration.

“Do not attempt a repair or replacement at this time,” the document reads. “Explain that slight color variability is normal for LCD displays and in general does not warrant replacement. Customers who are concerned that their iMac has a yellow tint issue, and who provide contact information, will be contacted by Apple in approximately 3 weeks to arrange a LCD panel replacement.”

Apple Insider reports that the 27-inch shipping delays may turn into a straight up production halt. The Apple Insider writes that Hardmac reported Monday Apple has stopped assembling lines for the desktop due to a restricted amount of supplies.