Brand-new Audi iPad app puts the 2014 R8 at your fingertips but not in your driveway

a brand new audi ipad app the r8 at your fingertips v10

Audi's new library app features all the details about the R8 you could ever want - except how to afford one.

If you are like me and can’t afford an Audi R8 but would like to sit down and figure out just which Audi R8 you can’t afford, then, boy, are you in luck because Audi’s got an app for that.

Yes indeed, Audi has just released its Audi Library App for the iPad.

The app features interactive brochures and media for every car in its range – well, right now it just has the R8. But you can see the silhouettes of all Audi cars. Don’t worry you are getting a lot of media in this brochure; it took my Internets’ fairly sizable tubes about five minutes to download it.

Once you have gotten your fingertips on the brochure, the interface is pretty intuitive. You cycle through a series of slides that can either be viewed in a linear fashion or by skipping around on imbedded links.

These take you through the history of the car’s development, some Audi race cars that look a bit like the R8, and eventually to the details and options of the R8 itself.

My personal favorite detail is the very small text at the bottom of the pages telling you to “obey all speed and traffic laws.” This is particularly unironic when placed directly beneath an animation of the R8 complete with sound going from 0-60 in a reported 3.3 seconds. Yep, Audi sure does want you to drive responsibly!  

Ultimately, the app does contain some cool images and animations for Audi nerds, but its customization features are exactly what you would expect to see on any automaker’s website. Perhaps, as the app is updated, it will include more features. Until then, however, I will be staring at the R8 I want: Daytona Gray pearl paint, titanium finish wheels, and a Piano Black interior.

Yeah, that should do the trick.