A diamond in the rough: the Black Diamond iPhone dock

Black Diamond is a 3D interactive lighting iPhone dock and the creative brainchild of Ken Ouyang,  self described inventor and designer out of Taipei, Taiwan.

The dome-shaped dock attaches to your iPhone like any other, once mounted and with the aid of the free Black Diamond app, it can deliver five different color schemes that will illuminate the semi-transparent black dome with vibrant colors.

Part of the inspiration for Ouyang was the “testing of his aesthetic patience” of all the other “boring” iPhone docks on the market. Serving as his guide, Ouyang set out to create a device that would put an end to everyday desktop monotony. And he believes he has done just that with the Black Diamond.

While currently in its development form, the would-be-inventor is hoping to get the project off the ground and begin selling the Black Diamond in the near future.