Amazon will let you gift e-books this holiday season

Kindle GiftsWrapping a book isn’t that difficult, but not wrapping it is even easier. Amazon announced today that you can now gift e-books from its site with nothing more than the recipient’s e-mail address. A “Give as a Gift” icon will allow you to purchase and send books to e-readers on your gift list. And the service isn’t Kindle-specific. Any mobile device can receive the gifted e-book, provided it has the Kindle application installed. Smartphones and the iPod touch are also included.

Amazon is right on trend with digital giving this season. You can now buy Facebook credits at national retailers and Apple’s “Gift this App” function helps you upgrade a friend’s iPhone. And of course, something from the iTunes Store is always a safe gift.

Amazon’s digital book business has deftly overtaken its hard-copy sales, and with a full week of matching Black Friday discounts combined with the year of the tablet, this has potential to rake in serious revenue for the company.  According to Amazon, its e-book sales have grown at more than 193 percent this last year.

While the service is not currently available, Amazon Kindle vice president Russ Grandinetti claims “We’re making this functionality available in time for the holidays to offer an easy, stress-free holiday shopping option for anyone – not just Kindle owners.”

Amazon will also offer an exchange or gift card to anyone who receives a gifted e-book they don’t want. Now if the site would just allow you to lend books like Nook users can…

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