Aperion Home Audio Link Promises In-Home Musical, Wireless Freedom

HAL-aperion1Aperion Audio introduced the Aperion Home Audio Link (nicknamed HAL), a wireless adapter which streams any audio format wirelessly from a computer, iPod, MP3 music player or mobile device to a variety of audio systems. Aperion claims that by adding more HAL Receiver units the music can be distributed to up to three rooms. So, for example, to hear the jams stored on your laptop you would plug the matchbox sized HAL “Send” unit into the USB port and it connects the HAL Receive unit into an AV receiver, plugs in the power adapter and the system links automatically—HAL does not require Wi-Fi, and uses the plain old 2.4GHz band instead.

“Our customers have been asking our Home Theater Gurus for advice on wireless audio systems; we set out to find a reliable technology that we could advocate,” said Mike Hopkins, Aperion Audio’s Product Development Manager. “We created HAL to give consumers the opportunity to listen to all of their music or favorite internet radio stations wirelessly on their preferred sound systems and we’ve been able to do it simply with an elegant, affordable solution.”

HAL-aperion2The HAL system can also wirelessly connect to a powered subwoofer, and Aperion is apparently planning on introducing some new subwoofers of its own complete with built-in USB ports. The Aperion HAL system is priced at $149 and you can purchase additional HAL Receive units for $70 each. The system is available for pre-order now at AperionAudio.com and ships January 28, 2010.