Apple board member says Steve Jobs’s dream was to design iCar

Apple board member says Steve Jobs's dream was to design iCar

There’s no denying former Apple CEO Steve Job’s impact on not only the tech world, but the world as whole. Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, the fact remains that Steve Jobs had a major hand in revolutionizing  some of the most important facets of our lives: from the way we buy and listen to music (iPod/iTunes), to the way we access the Web — including the wealth of media that comes along with it — due to the evolution of the cell phone into the “smartphone” (iPhone), and finally, the proliferation of the “smart device” and the way in which we intimately interact with it all. (iPad, iPhone, etc).

But what if Steve Jobs had revolutionized another aspect of our live that seemed ripe for innovation? Like what, you ask? Well, the modern automobile, of course!

It’s no secret that Steve Jobs’s innovative mind wandered beyond the tech and consumer products realm — but now we’ve come to find out his ambitions that may have also included the those four-wheeled contraptions we drive from time to time. Speaking at Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored conference, J. Crew CEO and Apple board member Mickey Drexler all but confirmed the long-held rumors of the company’s possible  foray into the automotive industry when he revealed that Steve Job’s “dream before he died was to design an iCar.”

Yes, an iCar. You probably remember hearing a murmur or two for many moons about a potential iCar. Rumor was that Jobs and Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn even met at some point to go over the idea, which resulted in a German publication printing a photo of a VW concept (which you can see above) alongside an iPhone.

Unfortunately, Jobs never did get to fulfill that dream and all we’re left with is unbridled disappointment at what could have been. But there is always a silver-lining. And who knows — some plucky designer at Apple could very well run with the idea someday soon. But until that happens, we’ll have to dream just like Steve did.

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