Apple Boot Camp Support Relieves Mac Users of Windows 7 Mayhem

Win-7-Boot-Camp-on-iMacRegardless of support or not, Mac owners were using the Windows 7 operating system, but they were definitely having some issues with it. Most Mac users have the ability—due to the Intel-based chipsets—to install additional operating systems using OS X’s Boot Camp utility. Unfortunately, Apple was a little slow with the instigation of support for this new Windows OS and many Mac users were not pleased. As CNET reported this past December, the lack of support from Apple caused some technical ruckus for most Mac users—Magic Mouse malfunctions, slow startup (or just slow everything) and other typical computing problems.

Apple had a longer testing process for this Windows OS apparently, but as of today none of that matters anymore. Yesterday Apple released an update for its Boot Camp utility that fixes several software issues and adds support for Windows 7. We knew you’d pull through, Apple. Apple’s Boot Camp 3.1 now adds support for all three versions of Windows 7, both configurations (32 & 64-bit), and added a graphics firmware upgrade for iMacs and Mac Pros including fixes for Mac trackpads, Magic Mouse, and the Apple’s wireless keyboard. Apple has yet to explain the three week delay on the update–but now that it’s here, we’ll excuse them for that.