Leaked renderings of Apple Campus 2 interior depict futuristic, Apple Store-like design

apple campus 2 glass railing

While ground has not yet been broken on Apple’s new “spaceship” headquarters, eager onlookers can now get their first glimpse at what is to come. 9to5 Mac got its hands on the latest blueprints, including some high-quality renderings of what Apple’s Campus 2 will look like from the inside.

Copies of the blueprints, obtained from 9to5 Mac’s source, show a campus that many desk-ridden employees would kill to work in. The donut-shaped building encircles lush plant life, while its translucent walls encircle the building inside and out, and from top to bottom with windows. The blueprints present expansive open spaces, and glass railings that overlook the floors above and below.

Apple’s Campus 2 will sit on top of the Cupertino land that the company purchased from HP for a sum of $300 million. Formerly, HP’s aging campus rested on that property, but it was scooped up by Steve Jobs, who presented the projects plans for a new Apple campus to the Cupertino City Council in 2006. Campus 2 was Steve Job’s legacy. In his biography, Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson, “I want to leave a signature campus that expresses the values of the company for generations.” Like Facebook’s Frank Gehry-designed campus, Apple’s Campus 2 will serve as a monument to the empire Apple built.

Not long ago, the public caught a glimpse of the mock-ups from the architecture firms tasked with the development of the campus. Those mock-ups came from Foster + Partners, a London-based architecture firm most well known for its glass and steel construction like the London City Hall, along with Arup, an engineering consultancy, Davis Langdon, a project-management and construction consulting firm, and OLIN studio, an award-winning landscape architecture firm that redesigned Bryant Park.

Apple’s new campus will stretch nearly one mile long in circumference and provide 2.8-million square feet, spread out among four stories that should accommodate up to 13,000 people. At that scale, walking the entire circumference at an average walking pace of 3 miles per hour would get you from the starting point and back in 20 minutes.

Check out the rest of the images below:

apple campus 2 commune

apple campus 2 open floorsapple campus 2 exterior landscapeapple campus 2 entranceapple campus 2 entrance doorsapple campus 2 center landscapeapple campus 2 exterior cross sectionapple campus 2 cross section