Apple Confirms Jobs for WWDC Keynote

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Famously secretive Apple hasn’t said anything about when it might be looking to bring a new iPhone to market, but if the company were to make such an announcement, it’s safe to say it would come from the lips of the company’s famous CEO Steve Jobs. And Apple has just announced when Jobs will next be taking the stage: at the keynote of this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), at 10 AM on June 7.

Given that prototypes of a future Apple iPhone have been outed in the industry press—with Gizmodo’s $5,000 purchase of a prototype the focus of a criminal investigation—industry watchers expect Jobs to announce a new iPhone model. The timing would also work out elegantly: Apple introduced the current iPhone 3GS at last year’s WWDC in June 2009. It’s reasonable to expect Jobs will also highlight the success to date of the iPad, and new features and innovations coming in iPhone OS 4. Despite Adobe’s efforts to take the battle to a public forum, industry watchers don’t expect Jobs to directly address his company’s stance on Adobe Flash and other middleware layers for iPhone OS: and, from attendance at WWDC, they may not have to: WWDC sold out its 5,000 developer slots in just eight days.

What Jobs is likely to mention only in passing during a WWDC keynote is Apple’s formerly flagship Macintosh computers: although Apple still makes plenty of money selling Macs, it’s no secret that Apple’s focus has shifted strongly to the iPhone and iPad, and any followup to Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” is not expected until 2011.

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