Apple debuts new Apple TV: 1080p, iCloud, new interface, $99


The rumors were true: Prior to unveiling the new iPad, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced an updated version of Apple TV, the company’s video streaming box. The new version of Apple TV will (finally) support full high-definition 1080p video, up from the previous version’s resolution limit of 720p.

In addition, the updated Apple TV will include iCloud connectivity. And the user interface has received an complete redesign to make it easier to navigate.

The new Apple TV will still cost $99, just like the previous version.

That’s all the details we have for now. Check back with Digital Trends later for more on Apple’s big announcement, including the new Retina iPad.

Update: Apple TV will now support Netflix playback in 1080p, and users can sign up for the service using their iTunes account. That’s very good news for Netflix…