Apple fans in Japan hit with hefty iDevice price hikes

apple store osakaJapan-based Apple fans who’ve been taking their time deciding which kind of iPad or iPod to buy will be kicking themselves for not grabbing the product earlier, as the devices were hit by some pretty hefty price hikes over the weekend.

The increases are down to fluctuating currency rates, Reuters reports, with the Japanese yen weakening significantly against the dollar in recent months.

Previously retailing for 42,800 yen ($425), the 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad is now going for 49,800 ($495). The 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad Mini jumped from 28,800 yen to 32,800 yen.

Moving up the scale, the 64GB iPad (Wi-Fi only) will now cost 69,800 yen, up from 58,800 yen, marking an increase of 11,000 yen. At the top end, the 128GB iPad has risen from 66,800 yen to 79,800 yen – that’s an overnight jump of 13,000 yen ($130). Yikes!

Apple’s smaller devices were also hit, with the 32GB iPod Touch increasing from 24,800 yen to 29,800 yen. The Nano and Shuffle music players also received new price tags, with the Nano rising by 2,000 yen and the Shuffle 600 yen. As for the iPod Classic, that rose too, from 20,900 yen to 24,800 yen.

Prices for other Apple products, such as its range of computers, have up to now remained unchanged. But consumers in the Asian country eyeing an iMac or MacBook Pro will no doubt be wondering if they should jump in now rather than risk witnessing another round of similar wallet-denting price changes.

The value of the yen has been tumbling for much of the year as a result of monetary easing measures introduced by the government of Shinzo Abe in a bid to fight deflation.

[Source: Apple Insider] [Image: Apple]

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