Apple iOS 4.1 Update Fails to Fix iPhone 4 Signal Loss

iphone-4-death-grip-ios-4.1Sketchy as it sounded that software could somehow remedy the signal loss caused by connecting two pieces of metal together, we had to give Apple the benefit of the doubt when it claimed it could. Now that iOS 4.1 with the alleged fix is finally out, the skepticism seems well founded. The signal loss remains.

MobileCrunch recently installed the hot-off-the-press beta version of iOS 4.1 for developers, and it looks like the infamous Death Grip is still in play.

Although the video doesn’t show an actual call dropping due to the issue, or lowered download speeds, it certainly contradicts Apple’s original claim that it was a software bug with the way signal was displayed. Bars still drop significantly after holding it at the bottom left of the screen, and return when released from the hand.

It looks like Consumer Reports’ insistence that it’s truly a hardware issue still stands, whether Apple censors discussion of it on its own forums or not.

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