Apple releases iOS 6.0.2 update to fix iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Wi-Fi issues

weekly mobile news recap 12 15 2012 iphone 5

On Tuesday, Apple released an update exclusively for its iPhone 5 and iPad Mini devices. This iOS 6.0.2 upgrade fixes a bug affecting the speed and connectivity of the devices’ Wi-Fi radios.

Users can opt to download this update either through iTunes or over-the-air (OTA). Earlier today it was reported that the OTA software update tool was encountering an error, but users should check back to see if the issue has been solved. The update doesn’t list any other improvements, but Wi-Fi issues have plagued iPhone 5 and iPad Mini owners for quite some time now.

“I had Wi-Fi issues on the iPhone 5 and couldn’t resolve them,” user Motyoj posted in the Apple Support Communities forum on October when referring to Wi-Fi. “They (Apple) sent me a new unit and it’s no better than the one it replaced.”

“I have an iPad Mini and the Wi-Fi disconnects as soon as I go little far from [the] Wi-Fi router, it always says ‘Unable to connect,” user harshacg posted in Apple’s support forum just today in reference to the iPad Mini.

This isn’t the first time Apple has had to address Wi-Fi problems with its flagship smartphone. Back in September, less than two weeks after iOS was released, Apple rolled out a fix for the iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi network data bug. However, this issue was not directly related to the problems iPhone 5 owners are currently experiencing. This bug appeared to be specific to Verizon Wireless users and caused devices on the carrier’s network to consume cellular data even when a Wi-Fi connection was established.

While these Wi-Fi issues affecting the iPhone 5 have persisted since the device was released for some users, they were largely hindered by the negative reception of Apple Maps following iOS 6’s launch. The company’s self-branded navigation app debuted with its new mobile operating system and was met with widespread criticism due to a lack of public transit directions and inaccurate location labeling. Luckily for iOS 6 users, Google just released its Google Maps app for Apple’s latest mobile platform, although Apple Maps still acts as the default directions app.

Despite Apple releasing its iOS 6.0.2 update today, the company is still reportedly testing its first major update to the software: iOS 6.1.