Rumors spread about an iPad Mini announcement as soon as October 10

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Do you want to know how to tell when the speculation cycle has gone too far? When we’re talking about rumors about when an invitation will be sent out to an event that may or may not announce a new product. The culture of secrecy might not be what it used to be inside Apple headquarters, but that’s not stopping people from spewing out speculated information about the company and its upcoming plans. 

According to a source that spoke to Fortune, invitations to an Apple event could be arriving in mailboxes of press members on October 10. What could this invitation be to? If the source is to be believed, it’s for an event that will reveal the iPad Mini. That’s no surprise considering the shrinking tablet gossip has been going for some time now. It should be noted that the iPad Mini and it’s supposed 7.85-inch screen has never been acknowledged or mentioned by Apple.

If one were to follow Apple logic with the given invitation date, it would mean the press conference would come a week after on October 17. During the unveiling, a release date would be set for Friday, November 2–just in time to pick up the holiday rush and just behind the quite legitimate competition of the Barnes & Noble Nook HD and HD+.

Just to clarify, though: We’re talking about a rumor for an invitation to a hypothetical event that will unveil an assumed existing product that has yet to be acknowledged by the company that is supposedly making it. That’s not to say it’s not true — just don’t hold your breath.

Image Source: Gizmodo