Apple iPhone 5 blueprint gives in-depth look at smartphone’s construction

Apple iphone 5 blueprint
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The iPhone 5 is making its way onto store shelves on September 21, and aside from the hands-on preview given at last week’s event, mere mortals will not be able to take a closer look until then. However, Apple does provide third-party manufacturers with a valuable asset to help them get a jump on producing cases and other accessories: a detailed blueprint. Apple’s developer site posted the plans recently, providing curious iPhone 5 devotees with an in-depth look at what they’ll have in hand next week.

You can read every detail and measurement that Apple provides for developers interested in creating cases or external attachments to the phone. Interestingly, Apple explicitly states that metal should not cover the metallic areas at both the top and bottom of the phone. The blueprint reads, “NO METAL CONTACT WITH iPhone 5 METAL.” The majority of iPhone cases are built in a plastic, but you likely won’t be seeing too many metallic cases unless they’re insulated in some way.

Apple has already sold out of its launch stock of the new  iPhones just one hour after the site made pre-orders of the iPhone 5 available on September 14, and you’ll have to wait for another two weeks until the next shipment becomes available for order. For the brave few, the iPhone 5 will be made available at Apple stores next Friday. Carriers including Verizon and AT&T have also sold out of their pre-orders, while Sprint has its 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5 models available. See our in-depth guide to finding an iPhone 5 for more details.

According to Brian White of Topeka Capital, the iPhone 5 is expected to sell at least 5.5 million units during the first weekend, besting the opening weekend of the iPhone 4S, which sold 3 million units.