Apple iPhone 5 to get new 19-pin dock connector: report

Apple iPhone 5 to get new 19-pin dock connector port

Your iPhone speaker dock is about to become obsolete. TechCrunch claims to have “independently verified” that Apple is “working on” a new 19-pin dock connector, which will make its big debut in the new iPhone later this year. The smaller connector port will replace the long-used 30-pin connector that first appeared in the third-generation iPod.

It appears as though TechCrunch’s “confirmation” of this new iPhone hardware detail came from three “independent” accessories manufacturers, who claim to know what Apple has in store, but are still sweating it out until Apple officially announces the change. At that point, they can begin cranking out accessories, like speaker docks, cases, and a plethora of other third-party, iPhone bits and pieces.

Of course, this is not the first we’ve heard (or seen) of this alleged data connector. Late last month, images of what is purportedly the rear shell of an iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple plans to call it) landed on the Web. The smaller connector port is clearly visible in those photos. Then, about a week later, a video created by ETrade Supply, a Chinese parts supplier, showed the rear shell in all its glory — and the smaller port made an appearance there, too.

In addition to the 19-pin connector port, the alleged next-generation iPhone rear shell exposes a number of other hardware changes. So, let’s assume for a moment that the part is genuine Apple: First, it shows that the new iPhone will be slightly “taller” than the iPhone 4/4S, but have the same width. This change will give the next iPhone a 4-inch screen (rather than the 3.5 inch display of every other iPhone), and it also means the screen will have a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is better for watching wide-screen videos. Further, the headphone jack has moved from the top of the device to the bottom. And the speaker grill has also received a makeover. Again, all of that is assuming the part show in the video and photos is really a new iPhone part, and that remains to be seen.

Watch the video of the alleged new iPhone rear shell below: