Apple iPhone, five years later: By the numbers

Apple iPhone 5-years-old

Five years ago today, the original iPhone officially went on sale. Since that time, this relatively unchanged device has ushered in the touchscreen age, and overtaken all other smartphones in the process. Not only that, but it has become the largest single money maker for Apple, which in the same period has become the most valuable company on Earth. The iPhone has also put once-unstoppable companies — Nokia, RIM, Microsoft, Dell, HP — on the ropes, grasping for a way to compete. In short: At 5-years-old, the iPhone is the world’s most powerful gadget. Here, some figures to put its rise and effect on the consumer technology industry in context.

250 million: Total number of iPhones Apple has sold worldwide since its launch in 2007

35.1 million: Number of iPhones Apple sold during the first three months of 2012 — an 88 percent increase over the same period the year before

4 million: Number of all Mac computers sold during the same period

5: Number of iPhone models on the market (excluding storage size variations)

500,000: Approximate number of apps available through the iTunes App Store

58: Percentage of Apple’s revenue that comes from the iPhone

$22.69 billion: Revenue generated by the iPhone and iPhone-related products for Apple during the first quarter of 2012 alone

$17.41 billion: Microsoft’s total revenue for the same period — yes, that means the iPhone alone is more of a money machine than all of Microsoft (!)

$150 billion: Approximate total revenue generated by the iPhone for Apple since 2007 — more than Apple’s revenue for the 12 years before that combined

$106 billion: Apple’s market cap in June 2007, when the first iPhone debuted

$542 billion: Apple’s market cap today, making it more valuable than any other company in the world

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