Apple iTV rumor: Prototype in Canadian labs with Siri and Kinect-like features

apple itv concept

Buzz surrounding Apple’s iTV has not let up in recent months, and as time wears on, more details are beginning to emerge. On Tuesday, The Globe and Mail revealed that the product may already be in the hands of Canadian cable stations, and will feature remote-less capabilities, exhibiting functionalities similar to Siri and Microsoft’s Kinect.

After Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography revealed that the late Apple founder had finally developed an Apple-worthy way to control TVs, Apple has reportedly begun seeking possible launch partners. While Verizon and AT&T are favored to be launch partners in the United States, two Canadian television providers, currently claimed to be Rogers Communications Inc. and Bell Canada Enterprises, are purported to have been courted by Apple and may have received exclusive access to the iTV prototype for testing.

Recent gossip incited by a Best Buy survey painted the iTV as a 42-inch TV priced at $1,499, but that has since has been dispelled in an interview with Wired. Still, rumors of its capabilities have nonetheless been swelling.

In the latest rumors, remote-less control features are at the forefront of the news, threatening the existence of dedicated traditional TV remote controls. The iTV, as Digital Trends predicted, is reported to include voice recognition (similar to the iPhone 4S’s Siri) integrated to serve as a recommendation engine for users interested in similar programming. In addition, Kinect-like features will allow viewers to control the TV by gesticulating with their hands. When coupled with its voice recognition software, this may allow for keyboard-less Web surfing and social-media-based sharing.

In its typical secretive nature, Apple has neither confirmed nor dismissed the claims surrounding its iTV. The company could not be reached for comment, but if Apple is already testing it with launch partners, fans may be seeing hard evidence of its existence in a matter of months. But of course, at the moment, those words stand just as a rumor.