Apple now shipping iMacs within 1 to 3 days (if you’re in the U.S.)

Apple iMacs with new shipping timesAfter much delay, the wait to bring one of the coveted ultra-thin iMacs home is finally coming to an end. As of this past Saturday, the estimated shipping time for both the 27-inch and 21.5-inch configuration has dropped to just one to three days for U.S. customers. This time frame is a huge improvement over the shipping estimates that Apple posted online just last week: you had to wait either two to three weeks for the 21.5-incher, or as much as three to four weeks for the 27-inch unit.

As it was no secret that the Cupertino company had a hard time producing these computers fast enough to meet demand, Apple fans are relieved that the supply of the new iMacs is finally showing signs of improvement. After wowing everyone with these 5-millimeter thick iMacs back in October 2012, only the 21.5-inch models were available for sale in November – and with limited stock at that. The larger 27-inch models were delayed from December to January 2013, with the situation only getting better now in March.

In 9to5Mac’s opinion, the reason Apple can’t seem to produce these iMacs quickly may have to do with their svelte design: “Apple’s new iMacs feature a much thinner chassis compared to the previous generation’s design in addition to a new screen lamination process that may contribute to the time it takes to produce each unit.”

But that is a huddle that Apple and its manufacturer seem to be overcoming. Unfortunately, for European and Asian customers, ship times have only improved for Americans so far. People in the U.K. and Japan still have to wait anywhere from one to four weeks for their iMac to arrive.

If you want your iMac quickly, All Things D suggests you keep your order simple by not requesting any customization like “swapping in a trackpad for a mouse, [which] pushes the device’s ship time back out to two to three weeks.”