Apple releases iOS 4.2 to developers

verizon to carry ipad october 28 apple sApple has reportedly delivered the final test version of iOS 4.2 to developers, meaning that it could be hitting iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads any day now.

It looks like the upgrade will be most noticeable among iPad users, as several features already found on the iPhone will now become available for Apple’s tablet computer. With the new iOS installed, the iPad will be capable of multitasking in the same way the iPhone currently is, which permits users to run certain apps in the background while running another app simultaneously. Other iPad features include support for organizing apps into folders and the addition of Apple’s Game Center. The upgrade will also come with AirPlay, allowing iPad users to synch with the Apple TV to stream music, video, and photos. The upgrade will also reportedly provide for brightness controls as well as for the ability to adjust volume while multitasking.

There’s no word on what bug issues will be addressed with the upgrade. However, it is widely hoped that Apple will, at the very least,  include fixes for a security flaw found in the iPhone’s passcode system and an alarm clock glitch that recently caused instances of tardiness in Europe (we recommend that American iPhone users consider setting a back up alarm clock following this weekend’s daylight saving time adjustment, just in case.) Both issues are found in the current version of iOS. Whatever the latest iOS ends up looking like, it appears that those interested in jailbreaking their device won’t have to wait this time around; several sites are reporting that current jailbreaking techniques will work just fine with iOS 4.2.