‘Turkey’ and ‘Orchestra’ – Apple rolls out two new iPhone 5 ads

apple rolls out two new iphone 5 ads adWith the holiday shopping season about to kick off in earnest, Apple has rolled out two new ads featuring the iPhone 5 in the hope that it can persuade even more consumers to send their hard-earned cash its way.

The first ad (below), called ‘Turkey’, extols the virtues of Photo Stream, a feature of iOS 6 that allows users to easily share photos. “It’s picture-taking season. Share all the photos you want with just the people you want,” the narrator says in the 30-second Thanksgiving-themed ad, finishing off with the not altogether unexpected line, “It’s as easy as pie.”

For its second ad (below), titled ‘Orchestra’, the Cupertino company focuses on the iPhone 5’s noise-canceling ability, perhaps in anticipation of some rather boisterous family gatherings in the coming days. The producers of the ad secured the services of a small orchestra to illustrate this particular function of the phone, which “picks up the sounds around you and helps turn them down, so when the world gets noisy, calls sound better.”

With American shoppers predicted to spend an average of around $750 this holiday shopping season, we can expect to see tech giants like Apple roll out more ads in the coming weeks as they fight frantically for a piece of the consumer pie action.