Apple Rumors: Post iPad Edition

ipad-all-anglesRemember when we promised we’d stop with the Apple tablet rumors—mostly because we were sick of reporting them and they seemed to get a little out of control—well, today we’re going to have to break that promise. TechCrunch reported a story this morning that turned our Apple tablet world upside down. Our hearts sank a little when we realized this is just the beginning of a whole new saga of tablet rumors.

Meet the MacPad…

applemacpad_350TechCrunch claims there are a couple of new iPad-like tablets in the works that will be varying in size and sporting some new features. Guided by an anonymous source, TechCrunch says there will be a larger Apple tablet that is actually more like a Mac than an iPod Touch. This rumored tablet should have a 15.4-icnh (diagonal) screen and would run an operating system that is close but not as powerful as Apple’s OS X.  TechCrunch suggests we prepare ourselves for the worst of the rumor-mill gossip because the MacPad could be debuting at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Now, mind you, Apple has some new iMacs in the works as well—supposedly a 22-incher—so there could be some “insider source’s” confusion with the details [just throwing that out there]. We don’t think the tablet could or should get any bigger than this rumored 15.4-inch one—that’s just not practical. We’ll just have to wait and listen for some more inside scoop about this mystery MacPad.

Meet the CameraPad…

ipadisightslot_350We’re just kidding about the ‘CameraPad’, that’s a really ridiculous name—but then again—so is “iPad” and that’s patented by Apple, so who knows. Another hearty, new Apple tablet rumor is that there will be an iPad version featuring an iSight Webcam and video chat capabilities. If these features were on the current iPad, last Wednesday would have been far more satisfying. PCWorld reported today that Mission Repair (MR), an electronics repair shop in Kansas, wrote on its blog that their shop recently got its first batch of iPad spare parts and internal frame for the iPad seemed to have a slot for a Webcam. MR supposedly placed an iSight Webcam into the slot and, as PCWorld claims, “it fit perfectly.” Evidence? Maybe. We think Apple will be doing some tweaking to its iPad format and structure—a Webcam would be a logical next step, especially considering the complaints of its absence.

Images provided by PCWorld


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