Apple Store app books Genius Bar appointments, lists white iPhone 4

apple store app books genius bar appointments lists white iphone 4Apple is making it easier for Apple consumers to spend their money on, well, Apple of course. The latest release of the Apple Store app allows iPhone and iPad touch users to browse a selection of Apple products and reserve them for in-store pickup. The previous version of the store app offered a limited selection of products.

The app upgrade adds support for making reservations and checking-in with the Genius Bar, Apple’s in-store technical support service. It will also add your reservation time to iCal and send you a reminder to help you avoid forgetting your appointment. Apple says the app will also allow users who are running iOS 4 to “request help within stores,” but doesn’t elaborate on exactly what that means.

Additionally, the app offers options for custom engraving of products as well gift-wrapping – just in time for the holidays shopping season.

Some buzz was generated this morning when users spotted a bit of iPhone mythology listed on the app: the elusive white iPhone 4. So far there have been only glimpses of the pale version of the iPhone 4. The official launch of the phone has been delayed reportedly due to issues with phone’s color scheme not meeting Apple’s high design standards. If you’ve been waiting for the white iPhone 4, don’t rush to your nearest app store just yet. While as of this writing, the white iPhone 4 is still listed, it’s prominently stamped “not available to reserve.”