Apple to build its own restaurant to protect its secrets from forgetful staff

apple to build its own restaurant protect secrets from forgetful staff applehqYou have to hand it to Apple for definitely thinking outside of the box when it comes to fixing the problem of prototypes being left by employees in restaurants and bars (See: Last year, the year before). Instead of installing some kind of Mission Impossible-esque software that would allow remote destruction of said devices once lost, Apple has opted for something much simpler, if more expensive: It’s building its own restaurant, so that employees will never have to leave campus ever again, apart from sleeping.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the Cupertino Planning Commission has given unanimous approval to the construction of a 21,468-square foot restaurant for the exclusive use of Apple employees, to be built alongside other Apple-owned or occupied sites in the area. According to Apple’s director of real estate facilities, Dan Whisenhunt, the construction of the two-story restaurant is a direct result of security concerns: “We like to provide a level of security so that people and employees can feel comfortable talking about their business, their research and whatever project they’re engineering without fear of competition cort of overhearing their conversations. That is a real issue today in Cupertino because we’ve got other companies here in our same business,” he told the Planning Commission, leaving out the part about employees also tending to leave sensitive prototypes of future releases in public for random people to find and sell to websites, causing all manner of embarrassment to the company.

The proposed location will include a cafe, meeting rooms, lounge areas, conference rooms and an underground garage for guests, although most employees are expected to use the regular company shuttles between their workspaces and the new restaurant. Sadly, this may not be enough to prevent this year’s expected unnecessary security breach; according to Whisenhunt, the restaurant will only be open on weekdays between breakfast and mid-afternoon, meaning the evenings and nights are still open to any forgetful (or drunk) Apple employee to risk their job by losing new hardware months before its even officially announced. Maybe, for their next attempt to limit this kind of exposure, Apple should just think about telling all of their employees to just leave all prototypes at the office, instead.