Apple to move into one of the world’s most famous department stores

apple to move into one of the worlds most famous department stores harrodsApple currently has more than 360 retail stores doing business in towns and cities all around the world. As its 11-year-old retail empire steadily grows, it’s clear the computer giant is constantly on the lookout for locations which stand out, places that are a little different, spots that will bring consumers flooding through its doors and lining up at its cash desks.

Following last month’s opening of its biggest ever store in Grand Central Terminal in New York, news has emerged that the iPhone maker will be opening a store-within-a-store in one of the world’s most famous department stores—Harrods in London.

According to a 9to5Mac report, the store will have the familiar look and feel of other Apple stores, with their neatly laid out wooden tables showing off a range of the company’s products. The Genius Bar, however, will be absent, though the reason for this isn’t known.

A location inside Harrods would give Apple access to a huge number of consumers, with the 163-year-old store attracting somewhere in the region of 15 million customers each year.

The prestigious department store was bought by the Qatari royal family from Mohammed Al Fayed two years ago for £1.5 billion. It sells a huge range of luxury items on seven floors in 330 departments that cover more than a million square feet (90,000 square meters) of floor space.

9to5Mac’s sources, said to come from within Harrods, don’t mention a date for the opening of the store, but one would imagine it won’t be too long from now. London is already home to five other Apple stores, though Harrods’ would be the first store-within-a-store location.

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