Apple TV Rumors Point to Netflix Support, $99 Price Tag

apple tv rumors point to netflix support 99 price tagOf all the rumors we’ve heard about tomorrow’s alleged Apple TV unveil, the latest seems by far the least ambitious. And perhaps because of that, the most believable. According to Bloomberg, the revamped Apple TV will sport – drumroll please – Netflix streaming.

Bloomberg cites two anonymous sources “with knowledge of the plans,” who also confirmed earlier rumors that it would sell for $99. While that may represent a massive price drop from the $230 Apple TV units currently stocking Apple shelves, it would still butt the Apple TV up against the likes of many other inexpensive Netflix streamers, like the $99.99 Roku HD-XR, and even the Xbox 360 Arcade, which many stores now stock for $150.

Earlier rumors have also indicated a name change from Apple TV to iTV, hardware derived from the same A4 chip in the iPad and iPhone 4, and perhaps most surprisingly, a lack of support for 1080p video playback. The same sources suggested the iTV would run apps – a development that dovetails nicely with the Netflix rumors, considering Netflix released its first iPhone app less than a week ago.

Stay tuned to Digital Trends tomorrow for up-to-the-minute coverage of Apple’s music event, which begins at 10 a.m. PST.

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