This won’t end well: See a $10,000 Apple Watch Edition come between two very big magnets

What did you do this weekend? Destroy any high-cost luxury consumer tech products? Probably not, but if that’s something you wish had filled your downtime, you’ll enjoy this video. Known for needlessly obliterating must-have gadgets in spectacular ways, infamous YouTuber TechRax has turned his attention to the 38mm Yellow Gold Apple Watch Edition. That’s the one worth $10,000.

What fate awaits the Watch Edition? Being crushed between two hefty neodymium magnets, delivering 650 pounds of power that according to the narration, could crush the bones in your hand if it happened to be in the way when the pair come together. We’d say, if the regular Apple Watch Sport isn’t within your financial reach, then the result may bring a tear to your eye.

Edging the powerful magnets together using long wooden poles, the innocent Apple Watch Edition knows nothing of its impending fate. Can it possibly survive? You’ll have to watch the video to see what happens; but surprisingly, given the power those magnets have, it doesn’t come off as badly as you may expect.

In fact, if you’re hoping the aftermath reveals a wafer-thin Apple Watch, you’re going to be disappointed — the golden body holds up well. Anyone viewing the video at Apple headquarters may feel oddly proud of how the device deals with such extremes, after shaking their head in astonishment that someone would go to these lengths in the first place.

Why do such a thing? Philip Elmer-DeWitt over at Fortune gives an excellent reason for TechRax’s recklessness: Money. He estimates a previous video — where an iPhone 6 was boiled in CocaCola — could have made TechRax up to $50,000 in ad revenue. That’s more than enough to buy the Watch Edition, the magnets, and have plenty left over to buy a second Apple Watch Edition. One that doesn’t have to be squashed on camera.

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