Apple working to fix MacBook Air Wi-Fi issues, testing software update

MacBook Air 2013 review logoAlthough Apple has so far made no official announcement regarding Wi-Fi connectivity issues with the latest iteration of its MacBook Air, it appears the company is moving ahead with sorting out the problem which has been affecting a number of users.

News site AppleInsider reported over the weekend that Apple has been sending out emails to select MacBook Air owners asking if they’d like to help test out a pre-release version of a Wi-Fi-related software update for the machine. The tech company doesn’t make direct reference to the issue affecting some users, though the contents of the message seem to suggest it’s moving towards sorting out the problem.

“You have been selected to join our AppleSeed Program,” the message said. “If you accept, we will provide you with a pre-release version of the MacBook Air Wi-Fi Update 1.0 to install and use.”

It continued, “While trying out MacBook Air Wi-Fi Update 1.0, we ask that you provide us with your feedback. Our program includes a bug reporting system for our participants. If you wish to be a seed volunteer and help Apple release high-quality software, follow the instructions below.”

Although both the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air machines support the new, faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, some users have been taking to forums to complain of, for example, dropped connections. Slower than expected data transfer rates have reportedly also been affecting some owners of the ultra-thin computer.

The problem has prompted the Cupertino company to instruct Apple store employees to return faulty machines to base for testing or offer the owner of an affected Air a USB-to-Ethernet adapter enabling connection to the Internet until a fix for the current issue is rolled out.

According to AppleInsider, users who’ve already agreed to the tech giant’s terms said it’s yet to activate the invitation codes or send out the pre-release software.

Apple’s revamped MacBook Air computers, which were unveiled at its WWDC event in San Francisco last month, sport better battery life, a quicker graphics processor and, for those unaffected by the current issues, speedier Wi-Fi.