Apples: Cider company uses tech giant’s product launches as inspiration for new TV ad

apple somersbyThe marketing folk at advertising agency Fold7 clearly had a field day coming up with ideas for its latest piece of work, a TV ad for Somersby cider.

The well-executed 60-second commercial for the apple-based beverage cleverly spoofs the shenanigans surrounding product launches at the retail stores of  tech giant Apple.

So, yes, you have the Apple-esque layout with its light, airy design, and tables showing off various products (in this case, apples and pints of Somersby cider).

apple somersby ad

You have the lines of excited Apple fans (or I guess that should be ‘apple’ fans) waiting outside the store as the staff, all dressed in matching green T-shirts and with lanyards around their necks, count down to opening time.

You have everyone high-fiving each other as the customers rush in. You have staff explaining about the different kinds of apple products on offer – “16 pip, 32 pip” as well as “single core” and, of course, “dual core”.

You have docking stations (your hand) and people downloading (drinking).

And at the end, there’s a humorous reference to a notable difference between Somersby cider and, say, the iPad. “It works perfectly in direct sunlight,” a member of staff says, as we cut to a shot of a bunch of drinkers in a sun-soaked beer garden happily chugging away on a glass of the alcoholic drink.

The ad first aired in the UK last week. You can check it out below.

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