Astropad improves support for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Astropad has brought improved support for the Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro for its iOS app.

If you’re not familiar with the app, it allows users to pair an iPad to a Mac and turns the tablet into a drawing slate. It’s meant for professional creatives who use applications like Photoshop, which is beneficial as it supports most pressure sensitive styluses as well as an “uncompromising live-view image quality” with no compression.

Astropad’s latest free update offers enhanced improvements over how the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro work with the app. Apart from improving image quality, the update also brings reduced latency; a custom pressure curve specifically for the Apple Pencil, which supports pressure sensitivity; and support for tilt on the Pencil. The update also offers advanced stroke tuning to remove stray points and provide strokes with the Pencil, which means you only see what you meant to draw. The improvements in reduced latency apply more to Macs that have dual graphics cards.

The company is saying it’s seeing a lot of interest in the iPad pro, as 60 percent of their new users are on it, and more than 50 percent of active users are on the same device.

The improvements make the combination of an iPad Pro, a Mac, and the Apple Pencil a powerful tool for any creative professionals. It’s exactly what Apple was intending when it released the 12.9-inch tablet, as well as the Pencil, which has two tilt sensors, and barely any latency.

Astropad was built by two former Apple employees, hence the company’s focus on Apple products. The update is available on the App Store, and it’s free for current users. If you’re interested in trying the app out, it’ll cost you $20. Make sure your Mac and iPads are on the latest version for the app to work.