Autum Turncoat for iPad 2 comes in beautiful black leather

autum turncoat for ipad 2 comes in beautiful black leather

Our friends over at Autum are now making one more piece of limited-production luxury to add to their small-but-enticing collection of beautiful goods. The Autum Turncoat ($144) was designed to accommodate and protect the new iPad 2 with out without a Smart Cover. The case is made from a single cut of 6 oz domestically-tanned black leather. We’ve felt the quality of the Autum Straightjacket‘s leather in person and its matte black finish is only matched by its supple, luxurious feel. This design for the iPad features four hand-fastened duty snaps that allow quick and easy access to your iPad from top or bottom, as well as superior protection. The Turncoat will be handmade in the U.S. in limited numbers and is available for pre-order, to ship for free on April 15. We’re not sure we’ve seen a more beautiful, simple design for the iPad 2, so we suggest you get on it and make this part of your technology closet. Oh, and if you haven’t upgraded to the iPad 2 yet, your regular old iPad will fit just the same.