Backflips, frontflips, sideflips: Yurbud Inspire Pro earbuds will stay in your ear no matter what

Sports earphone makers’ Yurbuds showed off its latest earbuds tonight at ShowStoppers during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. Guaranteed to never fall out, Yurbud’s feature a unique TwistLock technology that hugs the inside of your ears and offers superior sound quality in the process.

While Yurbuds come in three different varieties; the Inspire Pro, Endure Pro and the Blaze, we were specifically treated to a demonstration of the sporty and super comfortable Inspire Pro model. According to Yurbuds, inspiration for its line came from its customers, they wanted a set of sporty buds that wouldn’t fall out and — at the same time — sounded great. It would appear that they achieved that and more.

As soon as we tried on the Inspire Pro’s it was clear comfort was a huge factor in Yurbud’s design schematic. Upon inserting the buds, we immediately noticed how great they felt. A quick tug test from our presenter showed that thanks to the patented TwistLock technology, the sporty earphones weren’t going anywhere, and will definitely make exercising, or any activity, with the Inspire Pros a breeze.

Of course many of us use an Apple product of some sort, whether it’s an iPhone or iPod, during exercise, so thankfully the Inspire Pro, and Endure Pro models feature a handy three-button control and Dry Mic that allows for easy navigation during workouts. Simply click twice to skip the track or click three times to move backward. Volume is handled the same way with dedicated buttons on the attached mini control panel.

With our new year’s resolutions in full swing , we’re excited to try out the Yurbud Inspire Pros more extensively and see if they help us reach our goals of dropping that dreaded holiday weight. And while it’s always a possibility that our new found drive to get in shape may fall off, at least we know these earbuds won’t.