Best iPhone apps for kids

best iphone apps for kids momsdads oldmcdonald 20100607Besides serving as a personal organizer, calendar, bank, camera, store and just about everything under the sun for adults, the iPhone can also function as classroom, motivational tool and a toy for kids – with the right apps. Whether they’re getting antsy in the back seat and just need a distraction, or bored at home and ready to learn, give the little ones something to do with our favorite iPhone apps for kids.

best iphone apps for kids touch pets dogs iconTouch Pets Dogs (Free)

Real dogs are a lot of work and you can’t train them to be doctors. Virtual dogs, however, are a different story. For the animal lover in your house, Touch Pets Dogs allows users to adopt a dog and train him to perform awesome tricks, or prepare for wacky dog careers. The app can be played without spending additional money, however be aware that in order for your kids to really grow their puppy empire, in-app purchases may be requested from time to time, ranging from 99 cents to $2.99.

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