Casio G-Shock syncs with an iPhone to deliver email, call alerts

g-shock bluetooth watch

Pushing out to retailers in the United States this week, the CASIO G-SHOCK wristwatch with Bluetooth 4.0 allows iPhone 5 and 4S owners to sync the device in order to trigger a variety of alerts related to calls, email and security. Using a battery that will power the Bluetooth connection up to twelve hours per day for two years, the watch will trigger a beeping sound or vibration to alert the user when a call is incoming. This can be particularly helpful for iPhone owners that keep their phone in a handbag or briefcase instead of a pants pocket. On the display of the watch, the text “Incoming Call” will scroll across the screen, but the name of the person calling the user will not be displayed on the watch. 

g-shock watch iphone 5However, when the watch issues an email alert to the user, it will display the name of the email address that’s linked to the alert in addition to a flashing mail icon. In order to set up email alerts, the user is required to download the G-SHOCK+ application for the iPhone and enter their account information. Unfortunately, the watch won’t alert the user when a SMS or text message is sent to the iPhone. 

Definitely helpful for people that happen to accidentally forget their iPhone occasionally, the G-SHOCK wristwatch will start vibrating when there’s too much distance between the watch and the phone. In addition, Casio has included a method of helping someone find their iPhone. With one press of a button on the watch, the iPhone will start emitting a tone. The tone can be turned off again by tapping the same button after the iPhone has been located. 

The CASIO G-SHOCK wristwatch also offers an automatic time adjustment feature that syncs the clock on the watch with the data provided by the iPhone. This is ideal for anyone that travels across the country repeatedly and doesn’t want to mess with adjusting their watch after entering a new time zone. The watch also enters into a power-saving mode after the watch has been taken off the wrist. In addition, the watch automatically syncs with the phone once it detects movement. The tilt-sensor in the watch is likely very similar to the accelerometer in a typical smartphone. 

In addition to the iPhone connectivitys, the watch is water resistant up to 200 meters as well as shock resistant. The device includes a LED backlight, a 1/100-second stopwatch, a countdown timer, five alarms, a hourly time signal, a fully automatic calendar, 12/24 hour formats, a daylight savings setting and a low battery warning that will occur when the first two years is up.

Regarding color selection, the CASIO G-SHOCK wristwatch is available in white, black, brown and blue. Anyone using an iPhone 4S will need to have at least iOS 5.1.1 installed on the phone to use the application. The CASIO G-SHOCK wristwatch with Bluetooth 4.0 is priced at $180 and can be found at Macy’s, Finish Line and other retailers.

At the $180 price point, that’s slightly more expensive than the $150 Pebble smartwatch. However, the Pebble smartwatch is still unavailable to consumers. According to the Pebble blog, the team behind the Pebble watch has to approve a production verification build of the watch this month before moving into mass production of the device.