Clear launching Mac app and iPhone update with iCloud support Thursday

clear for mac

Clear has been a popular to-do list for the iPhone thanks to Realmac Software’s attention to its colorful, minimalistic, and easy-to-use interface. Now the same app, gesture actions included, is coming to Macs everywhere next Thursday, November 8. The same day, an update to the iPhone app, giving it iCloud support, will also be issued. 

“Nearly all” of the gestural actions of the iPhone app will be ported to the Mac app, so the actions that you’ve become accustomed to on your iPhone, like swiping to complete, pinching to change lists, and other gestures will be translated into a cursor-friendly variation. For example, to create a new list item you can’t part two items on a Mac with your fingers, but you can instead click between two list items. Likewise, crossing off a completed task on the Mac won’t require you to swipe the item to the right. Instead you can click on the task to cross it off the list.

And since the desktop app has a much larger screen to work with, you’ll be able to play around with a few extra bells and whistles not found on the iPhone app. For instance the Mac app allows you to open up more than one list at one time, and it also provides keyboard shortcuts for users wishing to avoid resorting to gesture-inspired controls altogether. Despite the screen size on other hand, the Mac app can’t be maximized to fill up your Mac’s screen. The size remains iPhone-sized.

iCloud support isn’t the only feature that the iPhone app will be updated with on Thursday. Clear will add a new gesture that will enable you to swipe the edge of the screen to quickly switching to another list.

If you’re not a Clear user already, you can grab the app from the App Store for $1.99, while the Mac version will cost $14.99. You can check out the promo video of the Mac app below: