Video: Conan O’Brien gives his comedic take on the Samsung-Apple patent battle

conan obrien gives his comedic take on the apple samsung proceedingsConan O’Brien gave his comedic take on the multi-billion dollar patent battle between Samsung and Apple on his TBS show Tuesday night with a sketch involving a fictitious vice president of Samsung electronics by the name of Nick Wood.

“Apple’s claim that Samsung has copied their technology is an allegation we’re vigorously denying,” Wood says at the start of the 90-second skit.

He then proceeds to show several Samsung and Apple products side by side, looking remarkably similar it must be said, though Wood manages to find a difference. “Notice the grayer edge of our Galaxy phone,” he says with the handset resting alongside Apple’s iPhone.

Later, donning a pair of jeans, black top and spectacles (who on earth could that be?), Wood highlights some of Samsung’s ‘original’ home appliances, including the iWasher with scroll-wheel control.

conan obrien gives his comedic take on the apple samsung proceedings iwasher

Wood also suggests taking some time to visit one of the tech company’s retail stores where customers can chat with a ‘Samsung Smart Guy.’

The piece ends with Samsung’s ‘Nigel Woodworth’ performing a Jony Ive impersonation, explaining how Samsung manages to stay original and innovative. Apparently it’s thanks to one very special guy. To find out who, check out O’Brien’s video below.