Concept iPhone case takes inspiration from rubber bands

concept iphone case takes inspiration from rubber bands elasty

A product that takes inspiration from rubber bands might not catch your attention at first because, hey,  what’s so great about rubber bands? As we are aware, they aren’t high-tech or new or even remotely interesting. Despite that fact, this iPhone case concept (which does take inspiration from rubber bands) is something we’d like to get our hands on. The Elasty (concept only as of now) looks like your basic, colorful silicone iPhone 4 case at first glance, and mostly it is just that. But the genius behind this design is that the back of the case is split into five strips, allowing users to tuck various objects into the back of the case.

Designed by Yoori Koo, the Elasty is intended to be a handy holder for things like your earbuds, some cash, a credit card, or even a pen or stylus. We like the design for its functionality, but also because it will serve as a simple case without any bulk when you don’t have a need for it to hold items. Want to just take your phone and a credit card with you for a night out? Scratch the bulky likes of an iPhone wallet and simply slip your card into the back of the Elasty case. The smart case design has no official affiliation with Belkin (even though it’s branded as so), but Koo did win a Korean Belkin Design Award, so perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to see this in stores in the near future.