Cord-free headphones integrate Apple’s iPod Shuffle into design

cord free headphones integrate apples ipod shuffle into design

As MP3 players and iPods have become more and more the norm, we expect to be able to take our favorite playlists and songs just about everywhere with us. Luckily for all of us, Apple products like the iPhone and any of the iPod models have made that mostly a reality. We know a lot of people who listen to music on their iPhones while waiting for the bus, on a long run, or while traveling. All-encompassing devices like the iPhone are great for most purposes, but what happens when you want to take your music somewhere outdoorsy where it could get damaged, or don’t want the heft of a full-size iPhone? That’s where the tiny iPod Shuffle comes in. While it has its limitations, it’s a perfect device for those of us who lead an active lifestyle. 

With that in mind, designers Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall have taken it upon themselves to address one of the only remaining problems with taking your music anywhere you want: headphones. You’re at the gym, working hard on the treadmill or elliptical with your iPod Shuffle clipped to your shirt, but the cord from your headphones is swinging back and forth, occasionally getting caught on the water-bottle holder on the machine in front of you. It may not be the worst of your problems, but fixing it means one less hassle. The ODDIO1 Cord-Free Shuffle Headphones ($35) aim to provide a simple, easy, and affordable solution to staying active with your Shuffle. 

This Kickstarter project integrates the iPod Shuffle directly into the headphone design. All you have to do is plug the short cord into the headphone port of your Shuffle, slide the device into its designated holding spot, and you’ve got your iPod and a pair of active headphones in one. The headphones will be made (if funded) of a nylon plastic outer chassis and feature high-grade silicone inner ear cushions, 30mm dynamic audio drivers, and an adjustable headband. The headphones will come in black/blue, black/black, and black/pink for production and a special “Cupertino Colorway” (seen above left) for $200 backers. 

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