The Verizon iPhone 5 gets a Wi-Fi data leak fix from Apple

iphone 5 verizon data fixThe iPhone 5 is many things to many people, and in the case of Verizon customers, it’s been a data hoarder. A iPhone bug has been causing a data leak for Verizon-supported iPhone 5s, something our mobile writer Jeffrey Van Camp has recently experienced with his review unit (purchased). It turned out that the affected units were using Verizon cellular data even when connected to Wi-Fi.

Apple has issued a fix that should plug the leak, however: Head to Settings, then General, and then About. A prompt regarding updates to carrier settings should appear and you’ll want to hit OK. Then hold the sleep/wake button down until your iPhone displays the “slide to power off” instruction, and go ahead and do so. Then, once you turn it back on, your Verizon iPhone 5 should be in perfect working condition, data-leak-glitch-free. To double-check, you can head back to the About under your General Settings and make sure the carrier information reads as Verizon 13.1.

Verizon says that users affected by the problem won’t be charged for any unintentional data overuse.