DLO HomeDock Connects iPod to Your Receiver

The new DLO HomeDock supports the new iPod nano, mini and regular sized iPods. According to DLO, simply dock your iPod and connect the docking station to your boombox, receiver or audio system using regular composite RCA connections. You can control your iPod using the DLO remote control, and the docking station doubles as a charger for your Apple iPod. If you have an iPod photo then you can connect the DLO HomeDock to your television and view pictures in slideshow mode.

“Everyone thinks they know how good their iPod sounds but when they hear their iPod played through high-powered high-fidelity home stereo speakers – they’re usually blown away,” said Andrew Green, VP of Marketing and Design for DLO. “What’s amazing is that most people already have a great stereo system in their home, they’ve just never had a simple convenient way to connect their iPod to it. The HomeDock IS that connection that permanently marries your iPod to your home stereo system. Now your iPod can rock you on the go, in the car AND at home.”

If you simply want to connect your iPod to some powered speakers, you can also use the included RCA-to-Mini jack to do so. Not too bad for a $99 product eh? Apple iPod not included of course.

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