Does Apple’s iPad Prove We’re Too Gullible?

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iPad 2.0

The kinds of things I would expect to jump out of an iPad 2.0 product would include, much like it did for the iPhone, changes in the physical design of the product, improvements in connectivity and features, correcting some glaring shortcomings and better price points. There are also rumors of a potential price change, even though the product hasn’t even shipped yet, leading some to suggest you hold off until the new price is set.

Areas that seem to float to the top that would be ripe for addressing in a generation 2.0 product here are outdoor viewable screens like the Qualcomm Mirasol or Pixel Qi (the Notion Ink Adam is reporting 2x the battery life of the iPad largely due to this screen). Also, like the Notion Ink I would expect a better HD output capability as Apple positions this more as a game player alternative and ramps up the performance (it appears very light on graphics capability given where the company wants to take the offering). Certainly, 4G will be in the 3rd generation product, but much like it took three versions of the iPhone to get 3G right, it is likely even if it shows up in the 2nd generation iPad that it won’t be fully cooked until V3.

Notion Ink Adam
Notion Ink Adam

In terms of pricing, the ideal price range for an offering like this would be $200-$500 and, like the iPhone did, I would expect the iPad to drift version over version into this range. Granted, Apple can successfully own the premium side of the equation, but I think that the company is likely to drop prices on the units down around $400 for the entry non-3G product and under $500 for the entry 3G products. Naturally, this would allow more consumers to buy in much more quickly.

Buying Strategy

If you take a great deal of pleasure from having one of the first high-profile products in the market, then buying one of the first iPads is likely worth it and no other product will have the initial excitement that this offering will have. But let’s be honest: People line up to see Paris Hilton as well, and I’m sure some fully enjoy the experience while others would be just as happy to stick a fork in their own cornea. However, if you don’t want to get upset because you paid too much or the device has known limitations, then wait, consider other offerings, and figure out what you actually want and what you want to pay before making your purchase. In short, whether the iPad is a great buy or a big disappointment is largely up to you now, given that the product is cooked.

The number of people who were upset because Apple’s prices dropped on the new iPhone or that Apple broke their jailbroken phones was amazing. These folks would have been vastly happier buying into the market later, or buying a different product entirely. As good as it is, the iPad is only a first generation device. As such, it will get a lot better and there will be a massive number of alternatives in the market very quickly that may, especially initially, meet your price and usage needs better. The moral of the story? Follow Guy Kawasaki’s advice and don’t be gullible. Realize that the first-generation iPad initially will only please a few, so be smart and wait until the device really meets your function and price needs before buying one.

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