DT Deals: A 10-foot Lightning cable that won’t stretch your budget


Wireless charging is great… if you can afford it. Since the technology still fairly new to the general consumer market, most of us are relegated to tiny cable cords that force us to sit by the wall if we need to use our devices while they’re charging. So how about we cut you a deal on a 10-foot cable that’ll let you roam a bit more freely?

DT Deals lightning 10 footThat’s today’s DT Deals! For just $14 (a saving of 51 percent from the retail price of $29), iPhone 5 and iPad mini users can leave their devices charging while extending the cord onto their bed or couch. The deal also comes with free shipping within the U.S. and select international locations. Hooray for the added convenient, but just try your best to not tangle the cables up, okay?