DT Deals: The Parallels Mini Bundle macks out your Mac

dt deals parallels mini bundle is everything you need in a new mac screen shot 2012 11 20 at 2 58 41 pmYou know what’s more impressive than a brand new Mac? A brand new Mac that’s fully optimized with some of the best third-party software available. And you know what’s even more impressive than that? Getting that software at a $185 discount. Sound good? Read on … 

The Parallels Mini Bundle contains five pieces of software that normally sells for $245; because we like you, and because this is DT Deals, you’re getting the whole kit and kaboodle for $60. And what, exactly, does this mini bundle of joy include? Parallels 8, which allows you to run the Windows OS on your Mac, the SnagIt screenshot-on-steroids program, MacOptimizer to ensure your OS runs smoothly, Rubbernet to optimize your network connections, and VirusBarrier to barrier-ize your Mac from viruses. This thing is so comprehensive, the only thing missing is the space between words in the product names. 

This deal starts today and lasts until November 28, so get on it. And remember: referrals can earn you $10, so start shopping and sharing!