Electrolux “UltraSilencer” Vacuum Sports an iPod Dock

electrolux-vacuum-ipod-dockCleaning house always goes a lot quicker when you’re listening to some tunes. Electrolux decided to market that concept into one compactable vacuum cleaner, the UltraSilencer. This vacuum cleaner was so quiet when tested that the company decided to slap an iPod dock and some speakers on it. Electrolux believed in its product so much that it conducted a study just to prove that a super quiet vacuum is always in need of an iPod dock for more efficient cleaning. The results proved that music-assisted vacuuming “improves the cleaning experience and results in better cleaning performance” than vacuuming without music. The company also discovered in its study that the best music genre for cleaning, especially with vacuums, is classical music. Good to know. And a good idea Electrolux, this will be a hit with cleaning fanatics lacking an iPod dock.

Check out the test video–because it’s terribly entertaining:

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