Eliminate your bedside iPhone docking station with the Parsons Audio End Table

eliminate your bedside iphone docking station with the parsons audio end table gear patrol

For those who have any sort of iDevice, most likely an iPhone, bedside docking stations and speaker systems have become the norm for charging said iDevice and playing tunes in your bedroom. We have nothing against iPhone speaker docks, in fact there are several that we’re fans of, but having the dock integrated into your bedside table? Now we’re intrigued. The Parsons Audio End Table ($399) from West Elm does just that. This slick, glossy white end table plugs into any wall outlet and has an integrated docking station that works with most iPod and iPhone models. 

The table also includes a “powered speaker system” that will play your tunes while your iPhone or iPod is charging up. We’re not really sure what the specs are behind the integrated speaker system, but we’re betting the quality is good enough for your wake-up alarm. The table is a great size for a bedside end table and the minimalistic look is great for those who like docking their iPhone but don’t want the bulk and added clutter of a dock.