Energizer iSurge Travel Charger has room for all your gadgets and more

energizer isurge travel charger has room for all your gadgets and more 600

Anyone who travels often with a plethora of gadgets will have a new favorite product come October. Charging your phone, computer, or iPod is not as simple as just finding several outlets. Some devices need traditional outlets, some need a USB connection, and if it’s an iPod, iPad, or iPhone it most likely needs a 30-pin dock charger. It can be a problem at home, but try to bring everything you need to charge your various devices on a business trip or vacation and you’ll no doubt end up with a mess of cords and one device that you can’t charge. Energizer has come up with a handy solution to this problem called the iSurge Travel Charger. The small black device plugs into an outlet (via a rotating plug so it will fit any outlet) and has three regular surge-protected AC outlets, two USB ports (with 2.1 amp power for quick iPad charging), and a 30-pin dock at the top to nicely hold your iPhone or iPod. The device even has a built-in nightlight so you can find the bathroom in any hotel.

The iSurge will be available in October for $60. It’s a bit of a steep price tag for a glorified wall outlet, but we think it will be worth it for the convenience and hassle-free charging experience. While it’s clearly designed with the traveler in mind, we wouldn’t mind having one of these at home to simplify our mess of charging cords.