Facebook iOS app update ‘fixes’ photo comments bug


Facebook has released an update to its mobile app for Apple’s iOS devices that fixes a bug that caused the wrong comments to show up on some photos. The update, which officially “fixes an issue that caused incorrect comments to be displayed for certain photos,” is available in version 4.0.3 of the Facebook app, so you’ll have to upgrade to that version to enjoy the fix.

If the iTunes App Store reviews are to be believed, however, it appears that the update doesn’t exactly deliver what it promises, with a number of people saying that the same problem with comments is still showing up. And many others say that the app continues to stall and freeze when loading photos or the News Feed.

From what we can tell, this update does nothing more than fix this issue (if it even does that), so if you were hoping for some sweet new features, you might as well just move along, because they aren’t here.

As of this writing, the 4.0.3 version of the app only has a user score of 2.5 stars on iTunes. Sounds like Facebook still has some more work to do.

Download the update here: iTunes App Store link