FaceTime security flaw exposes personal information

FaceTime presents issuesBefore any Apple devotees out there rush to download the beta version of the much-hyped FaceTime, there is a glaring security issue that deserves a little attention.

MacNotes.de is reporting that a system error plainly exposes users’ personal information (place and date of birth, security questions and answers, account settings, password, etc) to other users on the same computer, and also makes it extremely easy for anyone with bad intentions to reset a user’s Apple ID password. The site included screen shots of exactly how effortless it is to view this information.

And just in case this didn’t make accessing your information simple enough, the “Log Out” option doesn’t quite serve its purpose: your password does not erase and is still saved there when you restart the program.

If you only leave your computer in the hands of those you trust, none of this should be an issue – but with computer theft and hacking being very real concerns, Apple owners might want to reconsider using the beta version of FaceTime. Most of these glitches are likely to be worked out before Apple releases the final product.

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