Firefox 3.5 Due Before The End Of The Month

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Firefox 3.5, due to be released in a final version before the end of June, was meant to be Firefox 3.1. Then Mozilla, the company behind it, became more ambitious, and so the release date was put back.

However, the company insists it will be worth the wait, since it will offer a total of 5,000 new features, including built-in video, geolocation, faster loading of pages, and much more.

"We’ve added technology we think upgrades the web itself," Firefox director Mike Beltzner told CNET.

However, Mozilla is already looking ahead, with plans for Namoroka, the successor to Firefox 3.5 already quite advanced. There will also be a 64-bit version of Firefox for Mac OS X.

Mozilla estimates there are around 300 million Firefox users worldwide, and NetApplications credits Firefox with a 22.5% browser market share.